Control Operation Panel



1.Machine will be stopped automatically incase of operational errors.

2. Mold change for single side is functioned with two-way operation only for avoiding operational errors.

3. It is equipped with key switch to prevent operational errors.

4. During mold changing, it will check the following steps automatically: Injection unit backward, Ejector backward, Manual mode, and Mold close as signal requirement for unclamping. It can avoid operation errors and possible damages

5. When changing molds or malfunction, it will send signals to stop machine opening/closing the mold.

6. When the system is not in use, it can be separated from the control of machine. It can prevent clamp from clamping without mold existence and ensure the life time of mold clamp.

7. This system adopts inbuilt nono-voltage contacts to interlock with machines

Remark: Please offer the signal contacts when placing order.